Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crème Snowlée

Today’s forecast was “wintry mix” which meant the temperature lazily hovered around freezing, while snow turned to rain and rain back to snow in a continual and instantaneous metamorphosis that was miserable to walk around in. But there was beauty between the wet gray lines. The sleet coated the naked limbs and branches of trees and bushes with a fine coat of translucent ice. Each plant looked individually wrapped, ready for the show room, shiny and new. The foot or two of snow we got last week melted, but only the first few inches or so, creating an icy-icing, a slick layer of Crème Snowlée. Walking along pristine front lawns-turned slippery tundra, I would stop to break through it with the heel of my bulky snow shoe.

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