Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Train Poems

Morning stillness
A rising dawn
My feet gristle winter salt under fluorescent light
Footsteps, pedestrian bells, the occasional car
A lone sparrow pecks at salt and crumbs at my feet
She stops to look up at me
The train pulls in softly
Sparrow darts off in front of the train and into a parking garage
I board the train

Inverse splotches of camouflage shaped snow on hibernating grass and sage
Wood fires, farms, dozers, soil
Rising sun
The slow lurch of station to station inertia
The eastern mountains dusted in snow and illuminated by the rising star

I return 
Sun setting over western mountains behind a wall of thin cloud that stretches for miles
The clatter of my train shakes my pen on the paper
The largest copper mine in the world
An NSA-all-seeing-eye
Brand new to Utah
Are they reading this? 

Sunny Cold Day

Gullied out portion of City Creek
Trees, mostly silent sticks
Thick stale snow
Man on a bench, silently eating
The sound of water moving
The ring of bells to mark the time
Sunny cold day
--March, 2013