Sunday, October 19, 2008

Collective poem of Via Campesina Youth

From: A Global Peasant Movement

Sunday, 19 October 2008

The countryside is our life
The earth feeds us
The rivers run in our blood
We are the youth of the Via Campesina
Today we declare the beginning of a new world
We come from the four corners of the world
To stand together in the spirit of resistance
To work together to create hope
To talk together about our struggles
To learn from each others work
To be inspired by each others songs, music and stories
To build solidarity between our movements
To unite as a strong force for social change.
From here we go forward into the four corners of the world.
We carry with us a spirit of revolution,
The conviction that another world is possible,
And the dedication to fight for our way of life.
We will fight until we win, until youth all over the world
Are able to live in the countryside, as campesinos, with peace and prosperity.
When the state tries to repress us, we will unite in solidarity and continue the struggle.
When a compaƱera falls, we will pick her up.
When it gets cold, we will embrace each other so that the fire of our struggle will warm our hearts.
And each day we will place our bodies, our minds and our hearts on the line and fight for life, and fight for La Via Campesina

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