Saturday, March 22, 2008


Permaculture/Intentional Communities – Intentional Community website – National Cohousing Association –Emma Goldman Finishing School IC –Great Resource for Urban Watershed work –Bioneers –Earth Activist Training (CA) -Occidental Arts and Ecology Center –Path to Freedom House self -eliance (CA) –Permaculture Latin America –Permaculture Activist Magazine –The Permaculture Institute –Live Power Community Farm, Biodynamic farm (CA) –Culture Change, Transport Network –The solar Living Institute –Lost Valley –Aprovecho Education center

Forestry/Agroforestry/Arboriculture –Arbor Day foundation –Association for Temperate Agroforestry –Center for International forestry Research –Forest Certification Resource Center –Earth Source Forest Products –Eco-Trust Forests LLC –The Forest Guild –Dove Tail Inc. Community Forestry –Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (see forestry center) –Sustainable Forestry Initiative (cert.) –Sierra Institute Community forestry –Society of American Foresters –The Sustainable Woods Network –Forest Stewardship Council –Pacific Forest Trust –Forest Protection Portal –Forest Ethics advocacy –Trees Water People –Community Forestry International -FAO –Green Leaf Forestry Great Program! –The National Forest Foundation

Environmental Organizations –Foundation for Deep Ecology –African Reforestation Organization –Carbon sequestering for your life –LA Org, reforestation, and urban water –DUH –DUH – Earth Policy Institute –Institute for Culture and Ecology –Society for Ecological Restoration –Wiser Earth Environmental Org data base –National Wildlife Federation –World Wildlife Fund –Rainforest Action Network –Friends of the Earth –The Nature Conservancy –Natural Resource Defense Council

Localism/Bioregionalism -Eco-Trust does amazing work with the concept of Bioregionalism –Middlebury Institute for the study of Secession –Cascadia Bioregional page –Planet Drum Bioregional Org, (CA) –Vermont Commons, secession –Lakotah Freedom! –Institute for Local Self Reliance

Urban Planning/New Urbanism/Green City –Smart Growth America –Smart Growth –American Community Gardening Association –AMAZING RESOURCE, Post Carbon cities, relocalize –Sustainable Communities Network –City Repair in Washington –Lincoln Land Institute –American Public Transportation Association

Agriculture/Food/Food Sovereignty/Ethical Consumption –National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service –Institute that studies food and development related issues –where does our food come from? –Find CSA’s and local farmers –GREAT resource for basics of sustainability and ethical consumption –Family Farm Defense and Agro issues –Organic Consumers Association, protecting organic standards (see also Organic Farmers and Gardeners Union) –La Via Campesina Food Sovereignty/Peasant Movement –The National Farmers Union – Ethical Consumption, eco-labeling –Great Resource! Fair trade etc. –Seed Savers and sellers –Urban Agriculture! –Community Food Security’s North American Food Policy Council –National Family Farm Coalition –Slow Food International –Acres Magazine –The Ecological Faming Association –Organic Volunteers, WWOOF –Ecology Action, Bio-intensive farming –IPC Food Sovereignty –Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy –Agriculture Policy –The American Farm Bureau -Natural Resources Conservation Service (Conservation Security Program) –American Farmland Trust

Fair Trade –United Students for Fair Trade –Citizen’s Trade Campaign –GREAT Resource –Student Trade Justice –United Students Against Sweat Shops –Trans-Fair –FLO –Responsible Shopper –Global Exchange –Food Alliance Certification –Naturally Grown Food Certification –International Fair Trade Association –Organic Cotton Products –NO SWEAT

Labor/workers Rights/Popular Movements –Industrial Workers of the World –United Farm Workers (Cesar Chavez’s group) –Workers Solidarity Network –Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement –American Indian Movement –American Palestine Public Affairs Forum –Workers Independent News –Worker and Trade solidarity –Labor NET –AFL-CIO –Working For America Institute –Solidarity Center –National Labor College

Cooperativism/Solidarity-conservation Economy – The US Federation of Worker Owned Coops –Grassroots Economic Organizing, solidarity Economy! –Conservation Economy (part of Eco-Trust) – International Cooperative Alliance –National Cooperative Business Alliance –North Country Cooperative Development Fund –National Council of Farmer Cooperatives –Social Investing -Social Funds Investing –Green Worker Cooperatives (NYC) –Equal Exchange F.T. Co-op –Cooperative Life (New England) –National Association of Housing Cooperatives –North American Students of Cooperation –University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives –Northwest Cooperative Development Center

International Development/Post- Development –News and resource for international development –Sustainable Development Indicators –Oxfam-fair trade, poverty –CARE –Rainforest Alliance –cert and sustainable Agro –Journey to Forever, great resource –Trees Water People –US AID –UN Development Program –Food and Agriculture Organization –World Health Organization –World Vision International –The World Resource Institute –Sustainable Harvest International –EcoLogic Development Fund –Rainforest relief –Skoll Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

Participatory Democracy/ Corporate Accountability – The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund- works with communities to stand up to corporate power, and establish ordinances promoting authentic democracy –AMAZING resource and activism –Program on corporations, law and democracy –Democracy Unlimited (Humboldt) –The National Initiative for Democracy, People Power –Public Citizen

News, Media, Publishing and Information –Environmental News Network – Rise Up- web hosting, email –LEFT news, theory, conflict watches, and articles –AK Press publishing –Out of Portland, cool stickers –Videos of activists talking about THE ISSUES – Great Resource –Democracy Now Radio and Podcast, great news source! –Independent Media Center National Organization –Multinational Monitor magazine started by Ralph

Anarchism –The Catholic Worker Magazine and movement page –Christian Peacemaker Team -Anarchy Archive

Non-Profit/Land Trusts –Land Trust Alliance –The Trust for Public Land –Institute for Community Economics –World Land Trusts for conservation –Pacific Forest Trust –American Land Conservancy

Health and Health Care –Common Weal Holistic health –Health Care advocacy group! –Peoples Health Care Movement

Political Economy –Work Less Party out of Canada, with some amazing ideas –US and World Social Forums –The Green Party of the United States –New American Dream –Women for Peace! –United For Peace and Justice –Famous center, MLK, etc. –Center for Constitutional Rights –Association of Community Organizations for reform now _Amnesty International –Corporate Watch –US Green Party –The Democratic Party
www.sp-usa.og –Socialist Party USA –Human Rights Watch –The New Economics Foundation

Anthropology –Society for Applied anthropology –American Anthropological Association
www.eanthorg – AAA Anthropology and the Environment –Cultural Survival


Matthieu said...
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Matthieu said...

Excellent list! Thanks for that. On the communities section, I would add:
where there are info on the award winner documentary "Voices of Cohousing. Building villages in the city". It's a good view from within... Have a good day!

green mormon architect said...

This is a great resource you've compiled. Do you mind if I link to you on my blog? Are you familiar with Paul Hawken (author of Blessed Unrest) and the site he started called WiserEarth? ( There are something like 100,000 organizations listed on the site that is fully searchable on any topic. I found it to be a great resource.