Monday, December 19, 2005

virtual me

i write in journals too. i want this space to be accessible to people all over. i feel passionately about making a difference in this world i've been born into. i'm not bitter. well maybe a little. but i want to make a difference. i want to live a life less ordinary. not that ordinary is something to be. but that there are certain ordinary activities that should be. i aspire to live like. be like. talk like. dress like. these people:
Jesus Christ. mahatma gandhi. buddha. juan bosch. EF schumacher. vandana shiva. my mother. hugh nibley. Kurt vonnegut. leo tolstoy. noam chomsky. ralph nader.
and thousands of others who lived life beautifully simply and selflessly.
i want to work with my hands. till the earth. walk not drive. photograph. speak. write. make love. have children. know the names of plants around me. teach.
more to come...

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